• Fortune 100 Marketing

    At Enovint, we help small businesses design, develop, and deploy high quality marketing programs that meet your needs and your budgets.  We bring our years of experience working for fortune 100 and start-up companies to your doorstep.

    Fortune 100 Marketing
  • Why Enovint?

    KNOWLEDGE, SCALABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, INNOVATION Access to world class marketing talent, Our unique process which allows us to handle large scale activities: Shared risk by having people on-site: Our “Hive” approach which provides constant creativity from experienced marketers

    Why Enovint?
  • Expertise

    We take the time to learn your business and the behavior of your customers. Solid marketing strategy is behind all our programs; our goal; increase demand for our clients products and services.

  • Course Correction

    We offer a host of services that not only manage and operate the marketing function but we also continually improve and optimize it.  Our Enovint Onsite will course correct your programs based on agreed up metrics and goals.  What it gives you is peace of mind.  

    Course Correction
  • Communicating the right message at the right time

    What you say to the market, says to the market who you are.  We engage with our clients to create a Communication & PR plan that makes a powerful statement about who you are.

    Communicating the right message at the right time
  • A Strategic Partner to help you win

    Because we are an extension of your team we are invested in developing winning strategies and anticipating obstacles to ensure our clients win in the marketplace

    A Strategic Partner to help you win
Enovint is a marketing management company that specializes in bringing high quality marketing knowledge and skills to small and medium businesses. Enovint’s practice leverages our significant history in creating, managing, and growing brands in both B2B and B2C markets. In addition to consulting services, we are also disrupting the market with a new solution for middle market companies: On-Premise Marketing.